What services do Medicare and Medicaid pay for?

Generally, Medicare pays for a medically necessary skilled nursing facility or home health care, but not for custodial care. To qualify for Medicare coverage for skilled care or rehab expenses at Heritage Home, you must be admitted within 30 days of a hospital stay lasting at least three or more days. If you meets those qualifications, Medicare will cover 100 days in the facility. The first 20 days are covered in full, with a $124 per day copayment for the next 80 days.

Medicaid does cover custodial and nursing home care for those who are in financial need. If you have already used up or are about to use up your savings or other assets, and if your income is not enough to pay for the cost of care, you may be eligible for Medicaid benefits. A Medicaid worker in the County Department of Health and Human Services can review your circumstances and determine if you may qualify for Medicaid.

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